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Your About To Find Our How 3 Simple Horse Racing Selections Every Day Can Turn Into 10 or More Points Every Single Month.

Best thing is some days you just have to use 1 of them...

"You should charge £100 a month for these selections..."

Watch this video if you want a quick overview...


Read on to find out how a conversation down the pub turned into a service that has got the industry buzzing.


Stan is a tipster friend of mine who I have known for around a year.

I first got to know him when he started to send me selections (which I ignored at first) and proved to me he was a consistent tipster.

He is one of those "form" reading types of characters who appear to know a lot about horses, trainers and jockeys.

In the time I have known him the one thing I have learned about Stan is that I tend to have to drag stuff out of him, especially when it comes to talking about his betting…

Even a few ciders (Yeah not a beer man)  over at his local (quite a few miles away from me) doesn’t appear to loosen him up…although he does seem to talk a lot about fishing!

Which incidentally I know very little about…except that you do need a rod, line and bait.
(I bet I get emails about that :-))

We do have a “One a Day” service together though and it was while talking about this I found out something new.

Well to be honest I actually used to pick 4 selections a day. And I always try to give the service the best one I can from that 4." He Said.

This was totally new to me. I had no idea Stan was giving us his best tip from 4.

I just had to know more…

With a bit of further (careful) probing this is what I found out.

Stan said…

“Picking just one winner a day was a difficult task and I learned ages ago that I should look for at least 2 or more.

I must clarify though that I picked 4 up until quite recently when I finally settled on 3

It just seems to work for me because I can normally get at least one winner from the 3 I pick and often more.

He went on to say…

“I actually run a variety of different staking plans on the 3 but my favourite is just to stop at the first winner.

Sometimes the price is low and won’t cover the losses but generally I get over evens and so can make some profit each day.”

By this time you can imagine my interest…

So I piped up with…

“This 3 a day idea would give people the chance to do just what you do…

Just stop at a winner or do something different if they wished…

Sure you won’t get a winner everyday but if you can show people your pretty consistent then they can decide themselves the best way of using the selections…”

I don’t know…” he said 

Well my persuasive powers actually won through and Stan decided that he would allow me to present the selections to a limited number of people.

We also decided to something a little different…

These are Stan’s personal selections and although he keeps records we felt we wanted to build this service on trust and only show the results since we started showing people.

Just so you know…

My name is Malcolm and I run the Grey Horse Bot website.

I first showed these selections as a test to our members and all the results that you see are from that date.

So whether you have come here just after we opened the service or several months down the line I can assure you that the results and tips were exactly as given to our members.

I built into the site (I am a programmer) a system where Stan puts the selections on in the morning and they are data based.

Once he clicks the “Live” button the selections can not be changed and the system automatically updates the results the next day.

This protects Stan and it protects his subscribers.

This service is built around 3 selections a day.

Stan said to me “These win a lot” and because of that we show the results as “Stop at the first winner” or using every selections.

Most days we get at least 1 winner...but sometimes all 3 win and there are odd occasions where we don’t get any winners.

As you can see from the results stopping when you get the first win works well and many members simply stick with this.

But with a strike rate of over 50% there are some other strategies you could use when you get confident with the selections.

We have added two bonuses to the service.

Bonus 1. Stop at a Winner betting bot.

Stop at a winner automated betting bot

Bonus 2. My own ratings system.

This rating system has just passed an open test over at the Grey Horse Bot website.

I added it as part of the service just to add a little extra value.

Stan is not looking to have many members to this site.

He certainly didn't just want to trap people into paying the full price for membership only to find they didn't like the selections…

…So for that reason we have a 7 day trial for just £4.99.

But let me tell you a little more about how the service works.

Every day (Mon to Saturday) Stan adds the selections to the site.

You can pick them up from the site or you can have them emailed to you.

There is also a “Special” Grey Horse Bot  auto link that can automatically downloads the selections daily if you subscribe to the Grey Horse Bot service.

How you use the selections from then is up to you but as already mentioned you may just want to stop at the first winner and see how that goes for your first 7 day trial.

We have made it easy to cancel your membership at any time.

If you do like the selections and decide to stay (we make it easy to cancel)  then we will automatically charge your card  £17.00, 7 days later as a further discount to the normal £29.99 per 30 days access.

If you would like to check it out then click the button below to start your 7 day trial.

If you have some more questions then these are the ones we tend to get the most.

Q. Why don’t you just give a free trial?

A. Let me ask you a question…

How many “Free” things have you signed up for or downloaded and never even tried or looked at?

Unfortunately free can also means worthless and these selections are not worthless.

£4.99 represents a fair price for a trial and it means that you are more likely to take notice of the selections.

We know this won’t suit everyone but then we are only interested in attracting people who are serious about using our selections and except that the better things normally do have a value associated to them.

Q.  What if I join and don’t like the selections?

A. You simply use the link provided in the members area to cancel your subscription. 

You also get an email with details of your payment and a cancel link from Secure Hosting who deal with the transactions on our behalf.

I have joined a couple of very big and well known companies on the web and they make it very difficult to cancel.

We don’t. It is not our intention to trap you as a customer we want you to enjoy our service but if they don’t then that’s fine…Maybe another time.

Q. How do I get the selections again?

A. The tips are always available in the member’s area as soon as Stan adds them to the site.

There is also and option to have them sent to your “sign-up” email address or an alternative one.

Or if you are a subscriber to the Grey Horse Bot then we provide a link that you can use with the bot to automatically follow the selections.

So there are plenty of ways to get the selections.

Q. How exactly does stop at the first winner work?

A. It's quite easy really although of course you do have to watch the racing.

When you get your 3 selections they will be running at different times.
You go to the one running the earliest first.

13:10, Winc, Bitofapuzzle
15:00, MrktR, Grand Gigolo
15:20, Winc, Ray Diamond

You will get them usually in time order as above.

So we first use "Bitofapuzzle".

If this horse wins (Which it did) we stop there and wait for tomorrows selection.

If it hadn't have won then we would have gone to Grand Gigolo.

One thing to remember our service is not based on chasing losses.

You just put the same stake on each runner until it wins. You may not always win back all that you lost but you will make it up later.

The days when we win on the first runner tend to be the most profitable.

Q. Why don't you use flashy graphics and bold claims in this sales page?

A. Well we do use some graphics to make the page more easier to read but although we could have made some bold claims about making £1000's...

...That's not how it works.

How much you can make isn't just down to the tips and how many points they make.

Your personal bank size and your risk size is personal and only you know how much you could make based around the results.

We could say that in November you could have turned £100 bets into over £1200. 

But if you can not stake £100 then that won't mean much to you.

One thing to keep in mind is that most services don't make 1 point a month let alone 10 or more.

But many of these services still charge a lot more than us.

Ready to join?

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and I hope we see you on the other side.

Malcolm & Stan

P.S. Don't forget places are limited this may be your only chance to secure a trial.

P.P.S. Were you expecting some of the bonus gimmicks?

You know those useless freebies that people try to give you to entice you to join their service.

The same ones you probably never look at anyway or decide quite quickly why they are been given away free.

Sorry your in the wrong place.

We just want to offer a consistent service that makes you a profit.

No gimmicks, no freebies just a 3 daily selections that are profitable.

That's got to be worth more than 100 freebies!

Please "Gamble Responsibly"